Living Water, in a drought

Donkey Man

It began as a phone call to say, Hello.  Pastor Evans said that the people in the bush are suffering during a deadly drought that could be counted in months. As I meditated on the problem of fresh water I asked pastor Evans how  other areas were coping with the drought. What I was told was very  disappointing. Pastor told of a man who owned a donkey, wagon, and six large barrels. he would travel for miles gathering  water in the barrels and return to the village.  Well, I felt that this was a blessing from God.  I told pastor to ask the man if he would bring water to the villages in the bush and we would pay for his service.  several days later I received a phone call from pastor.  Well, it seems that the donkey man was traveling very, very far everyday to bring much needed water to the villages in the bush.  However, there was a catch to his generosity.  Yes, he brought water to the villagers but we discovered that he charged a price.  All of the villagers have next to nothing. And the rest have even less.  

Later I prayed two prayers.  The first, I prayed for forgiveness; I must admit, I had angry feelings toward the donkey man. Second, I prayed for wisdom, That God would give me Wisdom to help the people during the  drought.  God gave me an idea. I called Pastor Evans and asked is there a way to do as donkey man, only we will get clean water and give to the villagers at no cost to them.( To the right) is a picture of pastor Evans  standing next to a tank of clean  water.  This water will be brought in several times a week, and distributed through out the bush to villagers.

The people found it difficult to believe that, the water was not only clean, it was free. CLEAN, FREE WATER TAKEN TO THE PEOPLE UNTIL THE DROUGHT ENDED. WVOM gave without a single person being rich, financially.  Though we would never turn away money from the wealthy. However this just goes to prove, once again, that you don't have to be rich to be a blessing.

Fresh water for those suffering during the drought.

Fresh water for those suffering during the drought.

Pastor Evans distributing clean fresh water





During a time of a severe rain shortage (two month drought) WVOM supplied tanks of water. Brought in by trucks to the village, and villagers that live further in the bush.  Many people in the deep bush could walk four to six miles, one way, to gather filthy, dirty water.


Warrior nomad tribe


On this particular day a warrior nomad tribe, that resides in the deepest parts of the bush, continually herd their cattle throughout the plains in search of water.   During the drought they got a scent of our water.
Before the WVOM 'LIVING WATER'  program  came to the villagers, the herd and the people competed for the same watering hole