Extending a hand to give a chance

Rev. Perry Williams


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Pastor Evans; Kenya Representative for

Willing Vessels Outreach Ministries 

(WVOM) Has successfully piped in clean, fresh water into villages  located in the bush.

Maasai Warrior ;  Willing Vessels Outreach Ministries (WVOM)

You don't have to be rich, just Willing

 Have you ever thought, "I'd like to be involved in a ministry?  
But what can I do? What can I give?  What I have is not enough to make a difference in a need that is
so great”.  Well, I have good news.  You are not only a child of God; you are also
a vessel of God.   A vessel, God will pour into so you can pour out.  
Now, all that is left for you to be, is willing


Let me share a story with you.  As a young boy walked along the shore of an ocean he was
troubled by the sight of a vast number of star fish that had been washed on to the
beach.  As he walked he realized that without help the star fish would not have a chance
to survive.  In that moment he felt compelled to extend a hand to give a chance.  As he lifted one star
fish from the sand, he threw it as far as he could in to the ocean.  As he continued to
walk, he hurled another, and another, one star fish at a time. Walking on the beach an
elderly gentleman notices the boy and thought it to be a strange sight.  He walked up to
the boy and asked, “Why would you attempt such an impossible task,” As he pointed along
the beach at the hundreds of star fish that peppered the sand.  “There is no way you can
throw all of those star fish back in to the water!  “I only want to do what I can”, the
boy said to the man.  “But what you’re trying to do is to little an effort to make a
difference”, the man said. “What you’re doing won’t matter, there are to many!”  The
boy looked at the man with a hint of boyish rebellion in his eyes, and while picking up
a star fish, and hurling it in to the ocean, he said, “It matters that one; and that
one, and that one”, as he hurled them, one star fish at a time.  

Mission Statement

 Willing Vessels Outreach Ministries mission: To minister the word of God and reflect the Love of God, Domestically and Internationally. bring  hope, and comfort by  EXTENDING A HAND TO GIVE A CHANCE. 

Our Vision: Lead others to God, by leaving a trail of the love of God for them to follow.