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 Perry Williams, a native of Ypsilanti, Michigan, moved to Knoxville, Tennessee in 1990 to pursue a career in law enforcement. 

Soon After graduating from
the Knoxville Police Academy Perry became ill, Perry was unable to continue his position as a law enforcement officer. (brief testimony page to be posted at a later  date) In 1993 Perry took a position as an ambulatory vehicle operator. A little  more than a year later Perry was invited to a church service by, Kenny
Brewer (now deceased),a close friend from the police academy., shortly after that invitation, Perry surrendered his life to Christ.

Min. Perry Williams

Min. Perry Williams

In 1995, he met Evangelist, Joe Sneed; traveling and ministering in song, special music, in revivals and camp meetings. 

 His own personal ministry continued to bloom, through his leadership work with the Lighthouse Ministry Team; in the Tennessee Prison for Women, in Nashville, Tennessee.  
 Perry also ministered in word and song with 'LOST SHEEP MINISTRIES' (ministering to the homeless).
  In 1999 Perry continued his education at South College where he earned a Degree in Business Administration. During his time at South college he received numerous honors including membership in, the US Achievement Academy, All-American Scholar, the Golden Words Award, for literary excellence; and the National Merit Scholars Award.
 In 2002, during a hospital stay, at approx. 3 o'clock in the morning, God called him to preach. From 2002 to 2013, God expanded his territory internationally, as he served as a member of the evangelistic team of Dr. T. L. Lowery. 2002-2005.

 In 2007 Dr. Deborah Nelson, of International Alliance of Ministering Servants (I.A.M.S) Accokeek, Maryland. invited Minister Perry to accompany I.A.M.S ministry
            to Kenya, Africa.
In Feb. 2005, while in Kenya, Africa with bishop Johnson, Min. Perry, After witnessing the poverty and deprivation of that country, felt led by the Holy Spirit to reach out to those whose prayer was to have an opportunity to improve their lives, with as basic a need as food and clean water.
            Through the aid of the Holy Spirit, he, Min. Perry became President and Founder of Willing Vessels Outreach Ministries Inc. a non-profit organization; whose mission is not to merely provide food and water to the hungry, but to feed and empower them spiritually as well as physically.

            In 2004 after meeting the qualification of the church of God, Cleveland,Tn. Perry was licensed as an Exhorter.

            In the fall of 2007, after meeting the requirements set forth by the Church of God, he was Ordained as a Minister.  Wanting to further his education he enrolled in Lee University.  while taking classes from Lee University, (Bible university) an extended hospital stay made it necessary to postpone his education.
            God literally worked a miracle in the life of Perry. Blessing him with full recovery.  And in the fall of 2013 he returned to Kenya to continue the work that the Spirit of God had placed on his heart in 2005, and that was to continue to bring fresh water to villagers, food to  orphans in Africa. And food, support, and opportunity to village widows in the 'deep bush, (Villages outside of the city).

            Min. Perry Williams once again traveled to Central Kenya, Africa, meeting with new Ministry Representatives, (Edward and Jane Mwangi) in 2015.

            Min. Perry Williams traveled once again to central Kenya, Africa in 2017.
            Perry is scheduled to return to kenya, Africa in 2018.   

            Min. Perry resumed his education, attending MII bible college (Ministry International Institute); and received a Masters Degree, in 'Ministry' 2015; then continuing on to the Doctorate program.
For more than sixteen years, he has been a member of Park West Church of God in Knoxville, Tennessee, under the leadership of Senior Pastor Gerald McGinnis.

   Perry Williams- Master of Ministry

Perry Williams- Master of Ministry


Ministering in Puerto Rico,

 with the Ministry Team of Dr. T. L. Lowery



Dr. T. L. Lowery and Min. Perry Williams



Min. Perry Williams in  Beijing, China.

One of several trips to China.


Kenya, Orphanage

Min. Perry

Graduation - Masters of Ministry

Graduation - Masters Degree


Dr. Deborah Nelson, of International Alliance of Ministering Servants (IAMS) Accokeek, Maryland. and 

MIN. Perry Williams.

in Kenya, Africa